Monday 3 September 2012

247. Mission Fox: Go Goanna by Justin D'Ath

Mission Fox: Go Goanna by Justin D'Ath
Published August 2012 Penguin

From the publisher:
The goanna's claws clung to Jordan's arm and its big, scaly tail dropped over his face.

Harry and Jordan are taking Myrtle to the school's Pet Olympics. But after they stop to perform a Mission Fox rescue on the way, nothing goes to plan.

Can Mission Fox cope with a large runaway goanna, a very cross principal and a tall tree with a small, scared boy in it?

It looks like their scaly-est mission yet . . .

If you know the Extreme Adventure Series by Justin D'Ath, then you may already be familiar with  the characters in this book.  Harry and Jordan are the younger twin brothers of Sam Fox who features in the Extreme Adventures books.

Map of the neighbourhood
The boys really wanted to take part on the pet Olympics, held every year at school.  It has taken them 4 years, but at last they have trained their dog Myrtle (half Great Dane and half Newfoundland), so that she can take part.  Of course nothing goes to plan, and when they come across a goanna who is a long way from home, they have to help it, even if it means they will be late for school.  You see, the boys have their "Mission Fox Official Oath", that lists nine promises the boys have made, these include, Rescuing animals in danger and helping animals that are hurt or sick.

If being late for school is not enough, when they get to school they have to deal with another set of problems, including, an out of control dog, a loose goanna (that thinks people are trees) and a kitten and a small boy up a tree!

There's a lot to like about this book.  It is funny and fast paced, and you can't help but love Harry and Jordan, who always try to do the right thing, but trouble seems to just follow them around.  

The Fox Mobile: The Mission Fox Rescue Vehicle

Who will like this book: Boys age 7+
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