Sunday 29 April 2012

120. Hugless Douglas and the Big Sleep by David Melling

Hugless Douglas and the Big Sleep by David Melling
Published April 2012 Hachette Australia

From the publisher:

Douglas is very excited about Rabbit's sleepover, but he collects so many friends along the way that soon it's a big squash in Rabbit's small burrow! Can Douglas think of a way for them all to get some sleep.

This book made me laugh out loud from the beginning, when Douglas climbs a tree to see where he is, and it was very, very bendy.  This is where the laughs really start, as Douglas has fallen on a bush nearly squashing a sheep.  Little sheep knows the way to Rabbit’s, so Douglas invites him along too.  As he’s walking away Douglas comments that his bag feels much heavier now, and we can see that there are 9 sheep stuck to his back!

When he finally gets to Rabbit’s he starts to question whether he will fit, (let alone his 9 stowaways) even though Rabbit claims there is plenty of room.  As all of the sheep and stuffed into the burrow, Douglas stiil doesn’t think he will fit, so they just dig a bigger hole…but then Rabbit still isn’t in.  So everyone shuffles and squeezes until Douglas get a tickle on his nose that cause him to sneeze…and all of the sheep pop out. Hilarious!  Not bothering to try and squeeze back in, they all decide to stay outside and while listening to Rabbit read a story about a big big sleepover, they all fall asleep.

I think children always like it when silly things happen to the man character that he/she can’t see, but the readers does, like the sheep stuck to his back.  The book is cute and funny, and I love Rabbit’s attitude, firstly that she isn’t phased by 10 sheep turning up for a sleep over and then being sure that they will all fit, even though her burrow is tiny.

At the back of the book there is a double page of ideas about what you might pack to a sleepover.  From the essentials, pyjamas, teddy bear and toothbrush, to the not so essential, Musical alarm clock, midnight snacks and glow-in-the-dark gadgets.

If you can’t get enough of Douglas there is also a Douglas App. Available on the App store.  
It is based on the first story, see below for look at what it’s all about.

Who will like this book: Girls and Boys age 5+
Read it if you like: Hugless Douglas

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