Friday 20 April 2012

111. The Big Waves (Aussie Nibbles) by Raewyn Caisley illustrated by Elise Hurst

The Big Waves by Raewyn Caisley illustrated by Elise Hurst
Published February 2012 Penguin

From the publisher:

Sandy's beach holiday at Perfect Bay is perfect! The waves are just the right size. But when Sandy is dumped by a BIG wave, her holiday isn't perfect anymore . . .

Most children (and adults) who grow up in Australia have spent some part of their summer holidays at the beach, so most people will be able to identify with this story.  One of the things people will remember about their fun at the beach is the one time that you get ‘dumped’ by a big wave, it’s hard to forget, and this is what happens to Sandy.

After her ‘dumping’ Sandy’s holiday isn’t as much fun anymore.  They waves stay big, and she just spends her time on the beach, watching everyone else enjoy themselves in the surf.  On the last day however her Auntie Missy says she has to ‘tackle the big ones head on’, and she heads out into the waves with her.  After all Sandy can’t imagine the thought of never going back into the sea again.

It’s a simple story that really explains the fear and the physical reactions to those fears, like a sick stomach, tingly scalp and feeling like your legs have no bones.  What this story does is say that it’s OK to feel like that, but with the help of people who love you  and you can trust, some fears can be faced and overcome.

Have a look at the images of inside the book to get a feel for the reading age. 

Just as another point of interest, for those of you familiar with the Aussie Nibbles series, and the Aussie Bites for that matter you will know that they are known for the ‘bite’ that is taken out of the top (or corner) of the book.  This title, is the first to have the outline of the bite, but no actual bite taken out…I can hear the excited shouts of thanks from those of you who have struggled to cover these books over the years!

Who will like this book: Girls age 7+
Read it if you like: The Deep End (Aussie Nibbles) by Ursula Dubosarsky

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