Sunday 14 October 2012

288. There's An Alien In My Belly Button by Jimmy Mars

There's An Alien In My Belly Button by Jimmy Mars
Published September 2012 Jelly Pie EUK Fiction

From the publisher:
A giggle-tastic tale of cheese, chums and chimples! If you like Captain Underpants, you'll LOVE this . Binko the alien is in for a shock when he crash lands in Pete Perkins' belly button. Pete's a bit surprised too. Life's great when you have a good friend. Even better when your buddy is an alien who lives in your bellybutton...

This book is a super fast read, perfect for boys who haven’t quite jumped on the reading bandwagon.  Within the first 20 pages there’s mention of snot, wee, toe cheese and bottom burps.

Minding his own business, in the early hours of the morning Pete gets an itch like he has never felt before between his toes.  Soon after with a flash of light and a painful (for Pete) landing on his belly, we meet Binko,  an alien (a teeny one) who is on a mission to catch the chimple (the hairy thing with teeth).

It turns out that the chimple is the cause of the terrible itch.  The chimple is a tiny alien animal (an ickimal) who loves to eat toe cheese, and in doing so he causes the most terrible itching.  So the aim now is to help Binko catch him, the only trouble is, the chimple has escaped the bedroom and is heading for the kitchen.  In the kitchen he will meet the most disgusting member of the family, Pete's grandad, G-Bob, who has a serious aversion to bathing and he has enough toe cheese to keep the chimple happy for a very long time.

Like I said, this is a simple read (see pic), and it is gross!  I once again, am not the target audience, and I found myself cringing at the gross-ness, while I am sure little boys will squeal with delight!

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