Thursday 25 October 2012

299. Today We Have No Plans by Jane Godwin illustrated by Anna Walker

Today We Have No Plans by Jane Godwin illustrated by Anna Walker
Published September 2012 Penguin Viking

From the publisher:

A busy week, a slower day Brings time to dream and time to play.

From the creators of the much-loved All Through the Year comes a journey through a week in the life of an Australian family, celebrating those precious days that have no plans.
The title of this book captures my very favourite kind of day.  I am, at heart, a homebody and any day where I can be at home pottering about with nowhere to be and nothing that I HAVE to do are my favourite king of days.

The book looks at one week in a family’s life. Each day if the week is full of things that have to be done:
Monday: start of the week, rushing to get to school/work, checking homework, make sure everyone has lunch.
Tuesday: Swimming lessons
Wednesday: Mum working late, after school care
Thursday: Orchestra
Friday: Sport at school, grocery shopping
Saturday: weekend sport
…but Sunday: NO PLANS

From the rushing around on 6 days of the week, the family cherishes all of the things they can do when they have no plans. Things like, staying in pyjamas ALL DAY (a favourite of mine that I don’t get to do often enough!), pancakes for breakfast, flying a kite, making cubbies, playing in the garden or reading a book.

The endpapers, are different at the front and the back of this book.  At the front it’s filled with To Do lists, timetables, reminders and alarm clock.  The back endpapers however are filled with  Sunday things, like daisy chains, paintings, knitting and a kite.

Who will like this book: Boys and girls age 5+
Read it if you like: All Through the Year by Jane Godwin

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