Thursday 21 June 2012

173. The Children Who Loved Books by Peter Carnavas

The Children Who Loved Books by Peter Carnavas
Published May 2012 New Frontier Publishing

From the publisher:

Angus and Lucy love books. They have hundreds of them. But
when the books are taken away, Angus and Lucy’s family soon
discover they cannot live without them.

What a treat to have a new Peter Carvanas picture book, and what’s even more exciting, is that it’s a book about books.  What could be better for the National Year of Reading.  This book not only celebrates stories, but public libraries!

Angus, Lucy and their parents live in a caravan.  They don’t have a TV and they don’t have a car, but what hey have in abundance…is books, hundreds of them.  The only problem was, that in their very small caravan, they had too many books, and there was no room for any more.  The books had to go.  Things were not quite right without the books, even though they had more space, the family didn’t feel as close anymore.  When Lucy brings home a book form the library, they start to read together, and huddled up together they were closer than ever before. 

The next day, without a word, they all head out…to the library.

This book is so simple, and has such an obvious message that it’s hard to know why this book hasn’t been written before.

I know I am preaching to the converted when I say how much I love public libraries.  I can’t understand people who don’t use them.  This book is a very simple way of showing that no matter how little people may have in their lives, as long as we have libraries, we have a whole world available for us to explore.

Who will like this book: Boys and girls age 5+
Read it if you like: Libraries


  1. I absolutely loved this book - loved it!!
    It was such a beautiful celebration of teh family - and public libraries - which made me love it even more!

  2. Hi Meegan,
    It is a real treat...and any book that sings the praises of public libraries has to be a winner doesn't it?