Monday 30 January 2012

30. Chicken Big by Keith Graves

Chicken Big by KeithGraves
Published February 2012 Scholastic

From the publisher:
The farm is tiny. The coop is itsy-bitsy. The chickens are very small. But the egg is humungous, and so is the huge yellow fellow who pops out! This feathered giant is so big, the flock is sure he's no chicken. The big guy has an equally big heart, however, and longs to be accepted as one of the chickens. Little by little, his kindness and brave rescue of the flock's eggs prove to the silly chickens that he is really one of them.

For me, the best books, amd the ones I remember, are the ones that make me laugh, cry or 'feel something'.  This book made me laugh out loud.  If you have been reading this blog, then you will know I have a leaning towards the slightly ridiculous when it comes to picture books, and this one is just that.

It's a paperback, so technically it doesn't have endpapers, but that hasn't stopped the chicken's having their say right from the inside of the front cover.  The newest arrival in the coop is an enormous creature that the chickens are struggling to identify.  At first they are sure he's an elephant, but he eats acorns, so he must be a squirrel.  Then he shelters them in the rain, so he must be an umbrella...or a jumper...or a cow...and the sneaky fox thinks he's a hippopotamus!  All the while the big creature is baffled by the confusion, and wishes that he really was a chicken. All of this, and a slight nod to the tale of Chicken Licken, will make this a favourite, and a great read aloud.

Who will like this book:Boys and Girls age 5+

Read it if you like: Mo Willems or The Cow That Laid An Egg By Andy Cutbill

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