Wednesday 25 July 2012

207. Emily Eyefinger and the Secret from the Sea by Duncan Ball illustrated by Craig Smith

Emily Eyefinger and the Secret from the Sea by Duncan Ball illustrated by Craig Smith
Published August 2012 Harper Collins

From the publisher:
More fun adventures from Emily, the girl who was born with an eye on the end of her finger -- which, when you are into solving mysteries, can prove to be very ′handy′ indeed!

Yesterday we had Horrid Henry, today I have a book for the same  age group, but the character couldn't be more different.  While Henry does his best to be annoying and mean, Emily is nice and always more than willing to help people out.  You see, Emily is a little different from the rest of us, she has an eye on the end of her finger.  This can come in handy when she needs to see in awkward, out of the way places, but it's an actual eye, so she has to make sure she doesn't get dirt in it, and she has to be careful not to get soap in her eye when she washed her hands...not to mention she'll never be able to play the piano!

This is the 11th Emily Eyefinger book, and like the others, this has 6 short stories.  The thing I like most about the stories is that they are mini mysteries or adventures, they are full of  fun and excitement (and sometimes danger), they are great for readers stating out on novels because the fact that they're short stories make them less daunting.

In this collection, Emily finds herself in Paris helping to capture jewel thieves, helping out a movie star, finding out who is trying to steal the animals at the wildlife park, stop a thief in the museum, saves a family of mice living in a top secret computer and finally...she has an adventure on a lost Island now risen from the sea!  It's amazing how many exciting things happen when Emily is around!

This book will be enjoyed by newly independent readers, but would also work well as a read aloud for younger readers as the stories are entertaining and quick to get through.

Who will like this book: Boys and girls age 7+
Read it if you like: Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew

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