Wednesday 22 August 2012

235. Struck by Jennifer Bosworth

Struck by Jennifer Bosworth
Published June 2012 Random House

From the publisher:

 LA has been devastated by a massive earthquake and the city is full of chaos and shattered lives. Mia Price has a connection to the storm that caused the earthquake but doesn't know why - who should she turn to for answers? The religious FOLLOWERS prophesise the end of the world and claim to have the answers that Mia is seeking.The mysterious and beautiful Jeremy warns her away from them but he's hiding a more sinister truth. In the end, Mia is to discover that she is part of a power much larger than she could ever have imagined. When the final disaster strikes, she must unleash the full horror of her strength to save them all.

A few years ago we were inundated with ‘end of the world’ movies, like Armageddon, The Day After, Deep Impact, Day After Tomorrow to name a few.  All of a sudden we seem to be seeing the same trend in teenage fiction.  They have always been around, Z for Zachariah a classic that is still popular today, the trend in more recent post apocalyptic titles seems to be disasters due to environmental factors.  That leads me to today’s title, Struck.

Mia Price is a lightning addict and she has a body covered with scars to prove it.  Her body is highly tuned to storms, and she has a physical reaction when a storm approaches.  She and her family had to move to California after an ‘incident’ in Lake Havasu City Arizona, one girl burned (but cured of existing ailment) when Mia tried to push her out of harms way, and one man badly burned when the electricity took over Mia’s body when angry.   Labelled a monster, the family left town.  This power is the thing she is constantly trying to control.  So sunny California was their choice, unfortunately California was hit by a devastating earthquake that destroyed the city, and has turned the beach suburb of Venice into a ‘tent city’. 

Now a disaster zone, two groups have emerged, both claiming to have the answers.  The Followers lead by The Prophet, who claims to speak the word of God, and the Seekers, whose motives are unclear, but most definitely working against The Prophet. Both groups want Mia, and Mia is doing her best to stay away from them both.  Then there's Jeremy, a dark haired mystery boy who has visions of Mia's future...but whose side is he on.

Mia's priority is to look after her mother and brother, Patrick. When Patrick decides to join the Seekers, and her mother takes up with the Prophet, Mia wonders how she can possible save them both.

This book has a little of everything, romance, drama, survival, supernatural, all wrapped up in a book about the possible end of the world...what's not to love.

Who will like this book: Girls age 14+
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