Wednesday 26 December 2012

361. Incredible Edibles by Stefan Gates illustrated by Georgia Glynn-Smith

Incredible Edibles by Stefan Gates illustrated by Georgia Glynn-Smith
Published December 2012 Walker

From the publisher:
Become a food adventurer with gastronaut, Stefan Gates!
Does chocolate make you happier? What’s the most dangerous food on earth? How do you milk a camel? What s the fartiest food of all? And what’s really in that burger you re about to eat? Find out the answers to these questions and much, much more in this seriously funny and hilariously informative book about food. Packed full of mad recipes to cook for your friends, kitchen science projects to try out at home and wild food facts this photographic cookbook will take you on a food adventure from breakfast right through to supper.

I knew nothing about this book, and did not know that Stefan is quite the TV star, featuring in many programs for both adults and children. My first thought was, this is Heston Blumentahl for kids.  On closer inspection I realised that there is a bit of Heston in some of the cooking, but there’s also a lot of science and a whole lot of weird and sometimes disgusting food.

The book is broken up into two parts, Mad Recipes and Crazy Experiments.. The recipes you can obviously eat, and while the experiments are all about food, you may not fancy eating any.  In the recipe section, you will find a nice picture of what you're making, and a clear method.  Recipes include, flowerpot bread, elderflower cordial and DIY butter.  they are the yummy sounding ones.  There's also recipes for, Blood Soup with Eyeballs (beetroot soup with mozzarella), snot and foot soup (pea soup with a pigs trotter), Chicken with a Can of Cola up its bum (exactly what it sounds like) and there's even instructions on how to cook salmon in a dishwasher!  What you will also find throughout these recipe pages are facts about bizarre foods, like roasted grasshoppers, duck tongues and sheep's blood to name a few!

The experiment section include some that are nice, like How To Make and Ice Bowl and make a Milk Kaleidoscope, to the not so nice, How to Catch Farts in a Jar!  This book may not have any recipes to help you use up your Christmas leftovers, but it would be an absolute winner for the school holidays..

There’s videos, recipes, projects and a lot of information about this interesting man.

Who will like this book: Girls and Boys age 9+
Read it if you like: Science as much as you like cooking

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