Saturday 1 December 2012

One month to go...

Today is officially the first day of summer, and it has been hot hot hot here!

This is it, the last month, 31 days left, and that means 31 books to go. Am I sad?  Not really.  I said to someone recently that writing this blog has been like having a second job, sadly it’s a job I don’t get paid for!   In saying that I have enjoyed it, and the feedback has been amazing.  In the last week, my daily page views are averaging 200 a day, which may not be huge for some, but when I started I know I was thrilled when I hit 50! I haven’t decided on a name for next year's endeavour, but I will be sure to announce it here when I do.

I also thought it may be time to pull back the curtain and let people know who I am.  So many people I deal with through work already do, and my main concern was people thinking that I was only doing this to sell books, but I think everyone would know by now that this is not the case.

I am Rebecca Bird, and I work at Pegi Williams Book Shop in Adelaide.  We are a specialist children’s book shop, recently branching out to include teenage fiction as well.  We sell to schools and libraries all around Australia via our website and we have a retail store in Walkerville, a lovely suburb only 5 minutes from the CBD.  Now probably is a good time to mention the shop, as without it I wouldn’t have had such easy access to so many great books!

As for books this month, well there are a few great looking December titles I will include, but I still have books that have slipped through the net from earlier in the year, so I may go back and catch up on some of those.  Plus, I have been given some advanced reading copies for a few 2013 releases, so you may even get a sneak peek at those.


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