Wednesday 14 March 2012

74. Dead, Actually by Kaz Delaney

Dead, Actually by Kaz Delaney
Published March 2012 Allen & Unwin

From the publisher:

Dead, Actually is a scathingly funny and sexy mystery set in the depths of Gold Coast society (is that an oxymoron?). Whatever. You're going to LOL and love it.

Some books come along that will change your life, and some books are to be read for pure entertainment.  I mean no disrespect to this book when I say it falls into the latter category.

Willow was the last person to see JoJo Grayson alive. She served her at the drive through. Five minutes later her car drove into a tree. Willow is not part of the popular crowd, but after JoJo's death all of the cool kids are calling her up and inviting her to parties and on dates...weird!

The weirdest thing however is that JoJo may be dead, but she has come back to haunt Willow, and find out where her mobile phone is, and her missing shoe? These things are apparently the key to why she died. Someone has her mobile and is posting messages on FaceBook, and sending threatening text messages to her 'friends'. The 'friends' she was secretly blackmailing.

In order to stop the haunting Willow and best friend Macey embark on some sleuthing to see if they can uncover who has the phone, and who was responsible for JoJo's death. This means entering a world that they have only glimpsed from the outside.

There's more than a little bit of Gossip Girl in this book. Where we glimpse into the lives of the super rich (spoiled) Gold Coast teens, there lives full of designer clothes, boyfriend swapping and backstabbing.

The other story in this book belongs to Willow, and her relationship with her ex-junkie now born again parents. She was practically raised by her grandparents, and now her parents are clean and sober and on a first name basis with the lord, they want to give parenting a try, but neither they nor Willow really knows how that works.

If you are buying this for a school library, then you may need to know that this books contains drinking and references to sex and drug use. None of which were graphic, but it's just my warning for libraries that need to be careful about such content.

Who will like this book: Girls age 15+
Read it if you like: Gossip Girl

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  1. Really enjoyed this for the light read that it was - would recommend it!