Thursday 1 March 2012

Two months down

Here we are already in March!  60 books read, only 306 to go.

So far I have read some amazing books, with fantastic characters.  I have visited Afghanistan, New York and Africa.  I have learnt about ducks, spent time with an artistic silverback and fallen in love with Fearless.  So many books, and so much to learn.

I am only two months into my challenge, and I think I have already read my own personal 'book of the year'.  That's a big call, with 10 months and 306 books to go, but I think Wonder by RJ Palacio is it.  Most books I read, I enjoy, and move on to the next one.  Wonder is a book that isn't easy to forget, it will be a book that I recommend for years to come.

See below for some of my other favourites for February.


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