Thursday 29 March 2012

89. Sword Girl Book 1: The Secret of the Swords by Frances Watts

Sword Girl Book 1: The Secret of the Swords by Frances Watts
Published April 2012 Allen & Unwin

From the publisher:

Tommy, a kitchen girl at Flamant Castle, dreams of becoming a knight - and when she is made the Keeper of the Blades, caring for all the swords in the castle armoury, it seems like her dream might come true. But then Sir Walter's most valuable sword goes missing from the sword room. Will Tommy be able to find it before she is sent back to the kitchen in disgrace? 

I think this new series is going to be a winner.  Such a treat to read something a bit different for the beginning readers.  It has been marketed as a new series for girls who do not want the 'girly' pink books.  There is no pink, no fairies, unicorns or magic puppies.  What we do have though are a talking cat, a talking crocodile and talking swords.  

Thomasina, Tommy, escapes her boring life in the kitchen to be the Keeper of the Blades, much to the disgust of bully Reynard.  He thought the job should be he attempts to get her in trouble with Sir Walter the Bald, by stealing his precious bejewelled sword.

What Reynard did not count on was Tommy's new friends. The swords, who tell her who stole it, Lil the cat who find out where it is, and Mr Crocodiddle who rescues the sword from it's watery grave.

The book is a quick and fun read, with illustrations in  each chapter.  There are about 75 pages, the perfect size to build confidence.  

Who will like this book: Girls and boys age 7+
Read it if you like: Billie B Brown but are looking for a more substantial read

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