Thursday 3 May 2012

124. RSPCA Animal Tales: The Million Paws Puppy by Chris Kunz

RSPCA Animal Tales: The Million Paws Puppy by Chris Kunz
Published May 2012 Random House

From the publisher:

 Cassie Bannerman is a nine-year-old girl who loves animals, especially her dog Ripper, who is always by her side. When Ben Stoppard moves into Abbotts Hill with his family and their English sheepdog, Cassie is determined to befriend them both. The four of them take part in the RSPCA annual fundraiser, the Million Paws Walk, and help round up a naughty runaway pup.

This new series will be extremely popular with young animal lovers. Each book features Cassie who loves all animals, and  in each book the plot focuses around a different neighbourhood pet.

In the first book Million Paws Puppy we meet Cassie and her incredibly well trained dog Ripper. The star of her local RSPCA dog training class, she now helps other families in the neighbourhood practice their training.  It's in the park she meets Ben and his 'not so well trained' sheepdog Florence. Cassie doesn't know it at the time, but Ben's Dad is the new vet, and they have just moved to the city from Bendigo.  Ben is not happy about the move, and he's not happy about the long hours his Mum has to work at the hospital and he is really not happy when his Dad agrees on his behalf that he will participate in the Million Paws Walk.

It's at the walk that Ben and Cassie (with the help of Ripper and Florence) get involved in rounding up a runaway puppy.  The naughty puppy Maxie is having a great time running free in the park, but with a four lane highway on the other side of the bushland, Ben and Cassie have to work fast to keep him safe.

There's a fact file section on the back of the book with information about the RSPCA, The Million Paws Walk and information on caring for your dog.  The book is endorsed by the RSPCA, but it doesn't actually tell you how buying the book will help the RSPCA.  It's a relatively short book (70 pages), and will be perfect for animal lovers just getting into novels.

See below for a link to the million paws walk website, the walk takes place on Sunday May 20th.

Who will like this book: Girls and boys age 7+
Read it if you like: Bindi Wildlife Adventures or Animal Ark

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