Saturday 14 July 2012

196. Aussie Chomps: Driving the Fishy Frog by James Moloney

Aussie Chomps: Driving the Fishy Frog by James Moloney
Published July 2012 Penguin

From the publisher:
Ben and his older brother Ash agree on only one thing: their fishing trip in Grandad's 4WD, the Fishy Frog, is going to be fantastic.

Aussie Chomps are the third part of the popular Penguin series.  We have Aussie Nibbles for young readers, Aussie Bites for Middle Primary and these Chomps are designed for the Upper Primary reader. 
See below for what Penguin has to say about this series.

‘The very successful Aussie Chomps series is particularly designed for upper-primary school children and reluctant readers at Yr 7 level. With strong, generally fast-paced plots, short chapters, relevant subject matter and appropriate language, this series is a perfect bridging series for independent readers moving on from illustrated chapter books, but who may not be ready for a full-length junior novel. Loved by teachers, parents and kids, Aussie Chomps are a fine collection of quality literature for Aussie kids.’

The thing I like most about all three of the Penguin Series is that they are written by well known, talented Australian writers.  For me it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce really good authors to readers of all ages, in the hope that they will move away from the series onto other books written by the same author.  I could use this opportunity to have a soap box moment about the importance of teacher librarians in school, who will actually point out the author’s name, and be able to suggest other books to read…but I won’t ;)

This is a great story for boys, it’s fast paced, exciting with a real element of danger.  It’s a boys only fishing trip, brothers Ben and Ash with their Grandad in his very special mode of transport The Fishy Frog.  They are going to go along the coast (driving on the beach) to camp and fish for 3 days.  Ash, 13, even gets his first driving lesson.  The going gets a bit treacherous when they can no longer make it across the sand, but have to drive along the rocks instead…but they make it.  They’re all alone, nice and secluded, enjoying the ocean…when disaster strikes.  They find a sea snake that is not as dead as they first think, and when it bites Grandad they know they are in trouble.  When they realise that Grandad is really sick, there’s only one option…Ash has to drive them all in the Fishy Frog to get help.  But with only one hours experience under the watchful eye of his Grandad, Ash is not sure he is up to it.

It’s a book you have to read in one sitting because you really want to be sure that they make it out OK, and that Grandad will survive.  I haven’t read a Chomp in a while, but I am glad I picked up this one, as it was a real treat!

Who will like this book: Boys age 10+
Read it if you like: Lightning Strikes series

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