Tuesday 14 February 2012

45. Fearless In Love by Colin Thompson and Sarah Davis

Fearless In Love by Colin Thompson and Sarah Davis
Published February 2012, ABC Books

From the publisher:
The only thing Fearless could remember his mother telling him was, "Life is much nicer if you love everyone."  But loving everyone is much more complicated than Fearless had imagined. Until he meets Primrose ... A hilarious new picture book about Fearless the bulldog.

A special book about LOVE, just for Valentine's Day.

Fearless was not a complicated dog. His mother was his whole world and when she told him life would be better if he loved everyone he thought that that was something he could do.

Fearless's idea of love meant taking the family's socks and eating them, the family photos (and eating them) , their homework (and eating it), pot plants, lip gloss, jumpers and even lottery tickets...eating them all.

Fearless learns that 'there are some things you love and somethings you don't, and in between are most things.'  Just when he thinks he has started to figure out what this love thing is all about...he meets Primrose.

A very sweet book about figuring out what love means to you.

Who will like this book: Boys and girls age 6+
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