Tuesday 13 March 2012

73. Six Little Chicks by Jez Alborough

Six Little Chicks by Jez Alborough
Published March 2012 Random House

From the publisher:
Busy Hen has five little chicks to look after while making sure number six – still an egg– stays warm. The last thing she needs is hairy, scary Fox sniffing about. She is frantic when the other birds warn her that her chicks are in danger, but her five little chicks are a lot braver than she realises!The rollicking rhythmic text is rammed with catchy refrains that beg to be shouted out. Children will love the repeated action words and thinking of new ways to act them out.

Jez Alborough is in my top 5 picture book authors. I don't think you can go past a rhyming text if you want a good book to read aloud, and Jez is the king of the rhyming picture book (in my humble opinion).

This book has everything you could want in a great book to read aloud.

Firstly there is the rhyming text, not only does it rhyme, but it has good rhythm which makes it a pleasure to read.

Secondly it has the repetitive PECK PECK PECK, CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP etc for each of the baby chicks every few pages. Children will love to join in with this and even act them out.

Lastly there is a fox...and as in all good fox and chicken stories, the fox is cleverly outwitted by the baby chicks and helped on his way by the watchful Owl and Goose.

Entertaining, clever and funny...what more could you want.

Who will like this book: Girls and Boys age 5+
Read it if you like: Jez Alborough

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