Monday 26 March 2012

86. Violet Mackerel's Personal Space by Anna Brandford

Violet Mackerel's Personal Space by Anna Brandford illustrated by Sarah Davies
Published April 2012 Walker Books

From the publisher:

Violet Mackerel has some good news and some not-so-good news. The good news is about Mum and Vincent! The not-so-good news is that they have to move house. Violet is trying to be brave, but sometimes leaving your personal space can be tricky. 

I hadn't planned on reading more than one book from a particular series this year, but here is a new Violet Mackerel...and I couldn't resist.

This is a book about changes, big changes.  Mum getting married, that's the exciting one. Having to move house is the scary one, Violet has lived in this house her whole life.  Her brother Dylan is not happy about the changes and he moves into a tent in the backyard.  That becomes his personal space.  Violet understands about personal space, but would prefer it if each member of her family had their personal space under the same roof.

Violet, as in her other books, comes up with a new theory, The Theory of Leaving Small Things Behind.  She comes up with this one when she has to leave their holiday house and finds a little pink shell hidden in the slats of the bunkbed.  Maybe someone left it behind on purpose, because leaving something behind means that a small part of you stays behind too.  It's this theory and Violet's Box of Small Things that help her come to terms with the big move.

I love Violet's theories, and I think that this is my favourite one. If you look at it from another point of view, every keepsake that you have collected throughout your life, is a reminder of a time or a person that is important to you.  That person left their own Small Thing with you, so a part of them will always be with you.  These Small Things are more than just 'things' but physical reminders of something or someone special.

Who will like this book: Girls age 7+
Read it if you like: Violet Mackerel

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