Saturday 24 March 2012

84. Little Mouse by Alison Murray

Little Mouse by Alison Murray
Published March 2012 Hachette

From the publisher:

Little Mouse can waddle like a penguin, eat like a horse and splash like a whale. So why does her mother call her Little Mouse? Because, sometimes, it's nice to be quiet and cosy, especially when it's time to cuddle with your mum.

This little girl wonders why her mother could call her a little mouse, when she is so clearly anything but.  In the course of her day she is is adventurous and a bit wild and she has adventures that show her acting like everything from a lion to a penguin.  It is at nigh time though (when she gets into her penguin-ed patterned pyjamas) that she realises sometimes it is OK to be a cuddly little mouse.

This book is simple, but beautiful.  It even feels lovely, a gorgeous quality hardback.  The illustrations have a 1950s feel and that adds to it's charm for me.  The end papers show basic prints of each of the animals mentioned in the book (see below), and the last page where the mother is taking the little girl to bed, you can see each of the animals from the story represented somewhere in her room.  Not all of them are easy to spot, but when you realise they are all there, it will be fun to try and find them all.

This book is bound to become a favourite bedtime story.  A great book to share.


Who will like this book: Girls and boys Age 4+
Read it if you like: If I Were a Lion by Sarah Weeks

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