Wednesday 29 February 2012

60. The Smallest Bilby and the Easter Tale by Nette Hilton and Bruce Whatley

The Smallest Bilby and the Easter Tale by Nette Hilton illustrated by Bruce Whatley
Published February 2012 Working Title Press

From the publisher:

It's the night before Easter and for the first time Billy and his band of little bilbies must deliver the eggs.
'This is fun,' they sing as they hide eggs here and there and up and down. But when one of the bilbies gets into trouble, only Billy knows what to do.

Strangely enough, it seems that most of the readers of this blog are not from Australia, which is great.  I am happy to already (after only 2 months) have readers from all over the world. I bring it up now because this book is about a uniquely Australian animal. See links at the end of this post to find out more.

This is actually the third book about the Easter Bilbies.  In the earlier books the bunnies, were handing over the Easter Egg giving responsibilities to the bilbies.  This book is about the first Easter that the bilbies are solely in charge.  

They work as a team to make sure no one misses out, as the quietly place eggs for all of the bush animals to find on Easter morning.  When Brush, one of the Bilbies falls over the edge, Billy has to figure out how to save her, and make sure they get their job done before dawn.

As much as this is an Easter story, it is also a lovely book about teamwork.

* Note for my overseas readers:
For those of you that don't know, we in Australia, have had a problem with rabbits.  It is not my area of expertise, but if you would like to know more about that click here: RABBIT PROBLEM

So, for the last few years there has been a push at Easter to have an Easter Bilby instead of an Easter Bunny.  For information about Bilbies, click here: BILBIES

Who will like this book: Girls and Boys age 5+
Read it if you like:Easter Bilby and the Midnight Star and Easter Bilby and the Easter Games by Nette Hilton and Bruce Whatley


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