Thursday 20 December 2012

355. Eve and Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate

Eve and Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate
Published October 2012 EUK

From the publisher:
Evening Spiker is recuperating from a freak accident in her mum's medical facility. She is healing at a remarkable rate, faster than physically possible. As she grows closer to the hot lab assistant Solo, who seems to be hanging around a lot, she realises that things at Spiker Biotech are not quite as they seem. Joining forces, Solo and Eve uncover a secret so huge it could change the world completely. Spiker Biotech is about more than just saving lives. It's about creating them.
Both of the author names associated with this title will be easily recognisable.  Michael Grant is the author of the very popular GONE series, and BZRK which I read earlier this year.  Katherine Applegate is the author of the extremely popular Animorphs series, which have recently been re-issued.  She also wrote the wonderful The One and Only Ivan, which I also read earlier this year. The other thing about this writing duo, is that they are also married, and this is their first collaboration.

Despite the premise, this book is not set a dystopian world, it’s set in modern day San Fransisco.  As the blurb suggests, there is something about Evening Spiker (Eve) that means she heals at an impossibly fast rate.  Her leg was severed and sewn back on, yet in a matter of days she can walk, and there isn’t even a trace of a scar.  This discovery is the start of the big question, what is really happening at Spiker Biotech?
While Eve is recovering, her mother encourages her to test out some new genetics software that’s going to be used in schools across the country.  Her job is to create the perfect man, not a bad way to pass the time, but it turns out that this ‘software’ is a bit more sinister than Eve could have imagined.

The story is told in alternate chapters, Eve’s story and Solo’s story.  Solo works and lives at Spiker Biotech, and we soon learn that he has been collecting information about what’s been going on in the labs, with the intention of releasing the information world wide.  If what he knows gets out, the FBI will be involved, Spiker Biotech will be forced to close, and Eve’s mother will certainly face jail time.

When Solo has all of the evidence he needs he knows he will have to flee the lab, and he takes Eve with him.  He has to decide whether or not he will release the files to the world, knowing it will destroy Eve and her family or will he simple leave it alone. 

There’s humour, action, frightening technology and a bit of romance in this light entertaining read.  It may not be gruesome and hardcore enough for Michael Grant’s readers of BZRK and the GONE series, but it’s not a bad introduction for new readers and it will definitely appeal the female readers.

Who will like this book: Boys and girls age 14+
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