Tuesday 15 May 2012

136. Raven Lucas Book 2: Dead Wrong by Christine Harris

Raven Lucas Book 2: Dead Wrong by Christine Harris
Published May 2012 Scholastic

From the publisher:

Raven Lucas is searching for her missing dad, Elliott. But the clues don't add up and Raven knows now that her father had dangerous enemies. A journalist with a grudge, a relentless relative, kidnapping, threats and a mysterious car crash add to the threats. Raven needs all of her courage and ingenuity to follow the trail where it leads. Especially when any step could be dead wrong.

Like the Phoenix Files book I read earlier this week, this is another book that starts right where the last one finished off.  I had the benefit of only reading book 1 earlier this year, so I didn't have the struggle to remember the story line.

Raven is still on the lookout for her Father.  In the last book, just when she thought she was getting somewhere, she found out that it was all lies, so she has very little to go on.  The police think that her Father is involved with a murder of a man whose body was found in the river,  It turns out that it was his blood they found in her father's car.  Even with this knowledge Raven is sure her father is not a killer.

The plot thickens however when her father's secretary Marissa is involved in a car accident an hour after she told Raven she had something important to tell her...and it gets even more bizarre when Marissa's comatose body goes missing from the hospital.  Then there's the stash of false passports she found in her father's office, and one of them has the same name as the dead man found in the river.

Joe Marinelli makes an appearance again, and he warns her to stop snooping in business that doesn't concern her, as does Trudi Mace the owner of the house where her father's abandoned car was found.  Raven is still not sure who to trust, or what to believe.  She even suspects her half sister of lying to her.  Raven has been dealing with all of this on her own, not wanting to involve anyone else, in what could be a dangerous situation, but she feels that the time has come to involve her friends, with their mix of talents, she may get closer to the truth.

There are more questions, and not many answers in this book, as is to be expected, this isn't the end.

Who will like this book: Girls age 11+
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