Friday 18 May 2012

139. The New Jumper by Oliver Jeffers

The New Jumper by Oliver Jeffers
Published May 2012 Harper Collins

From the publisher:
The thing about the Hueys is... they all look the same, they all think the same, they all do the same. Until one day, one of them knitted himself a new jumper... How will the other Hueys react? 

The release of a new Oliver Jeffers title is cause for celebration enough in my book.  But yesterday I had even bigger reason to celebrate...yesterday I met the man himself!

Yes, I get as excited about meeting an author/illustrator as some get about meeting the starts of Twilight.  The day I stop getting excited, is the day I will have to find a new job.  He came in to work to sign copies of his books for us, what a star!  It made my day and the lucky people who buy his books will have signed copies.  I look forward to seeing him today at the Children's Book Council conference along with many other talented folk.

The New Jumper is all about the Hueys, the Hueys who all look the same, until the day Rupert knitted himself a new jumper.  Boy did he look great in that new jumper, so great in fact that one of the Hueys decided he would like one too, and then someone else wanted one, and then someone else...until they all had jumpers (the same great orange jumper)...and were exactly the same....again!  Until Rupert decided to wear a hat...and that really started something.

It's a lovely funny book about being the one person who is willing to step outside of the box and see what it's like.  It also shows that change is possible, it's sometimes slow, but change can happen.

The illustration is simple, and the message is big, it's just the sort of book that can be read by the very young and enjoyed and read by older children and adults and enjoyed but will also give you something to think about.  I am also a big fan of endpapers that tell a story, and the endpapers on New Jumper were great...watching the transformation of a Huey.  

And that's not can even click here to make your own Huey!  

Who will like this book: Boys and girls age 6+
Read it if you like: Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed by Mo Willems 

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