Saturday 11 February 2012

42. Red Dirt Diary 2: Blue About Love by Katrina Nannestad

Red Dirt Diary 2: Blue About Love by Katrina Nannestad
Published February 2012 ABC Books
From the publisher:

When Blue′s favourite teacher announces she′s engaged, Blue thinks she must have lost her mind. Why would Miss McKenzie want to get married? Especially to someone named James Linley Welsh-Pearson! Surely it couldn′t be because she loves him -- could it?
Can Blue stop the wedding in time or will Miss McKenzie leave Hardbake Plains ... forever?

Blue is a tomboy who is really struggling with this romantic love stuff!  She lives on a farm with her crazy accident prone twin brothers, and would much rather spend time with her new baby duck Petal than plan a wedding.  Blue can't understand why her teacher would want to leave the tiny town and it's 19 student school...why would anyone want to live in Sydney!

This book is full of crazy mad cap characters.  Blue's brother Fez and Wez are budding acrobats and pig chariot racers, their pig Grunter who adopts 3 ducklings and attacks anyone who comes near them, Banjo the Year 5 poet, Mrs Witthington who brings golden syrup puddings to school in her bathers...and the list goes on.

Written in diary format, we follow Blue for five months, as she fills us in on what is happening in her world...all leading up to Miss McKenzie's wedding, which as you can imagine with this cast of characters is bound to be interesting!

This is book 2 about Blue, but you don't need to have read Red Dirt Diary to enjoy this one.

Who will like this book: Girls age 9+
Read it if you like: Red Dirt Diary

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