Tuesday 21 February 2012

52. Aussie Bites: Rif anf the Riddle by Sue Cason Illustrated by Andrew Joyner

Aussie Bites: Rif and the Riddle by Sue Cason, illustrated by Andrew Joyner

Published January 2012 Puffin

From the publisher:
Rif is in deep trouble with his fellow villagers. On his quest to make things right, he must face a mountain troll, a pair of tricksters, a terrifying dog - and a very tough riddle.
Riff is so proud of himself for catching the huge silverfin for his family.  His good mood and pride take a fall when he realises that while he was fishing the villages bull has been killed by "tiger wolves' and he was supposed to be guarding the herd!

The only choice he has is to visit Gillitum the Beast Keeper and ask for a new bull.  This journey takes him through the woods, where he is tricked out of his treasured moonstone necklet.  He meets Ornica, the mountain troll with her pet wildcat Needlefang! She may seem like trouble, but Riff can help her with a fear of her own.

When we do finally reach Gillitum he will give Riff the bull, but only if he can answer his riddle...
"What is it that rich people miss out on, the poor have plenty of, and if you eat it, you die?"

You will be pleased to know that Riff has a chance to get his own back on the tricksters, and retrieve his moonstone in the process.

Who will like this book: Boys age 8+
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  1. I am disappointed that Aussie Bites no longer have a Bite taken out if them. They always had that point of difference, which I think that kids liked (I know mine did!)

    1. Hi Meegan,

      I think that the people who cover the books will be the happy ones!