Monday 27 February 2012

58. Billie B Brown: The Cutest Pet Ever by Sally Rippin

Billie B Brown: Cutest Pet Ever by Sally Rippin
Published February 2012 Hardie Grant Egmont

From the publisher:

Billie has found the most adorable guinea pig in the pet shop. She is going to love it forever! If only she can convince her Mum and Dad...

The Billie B Brown books have been hugely popular with girls just beginning to read on their own.  They are particularly good for girls who are not interested in Fairies, Unicorns etc.

Many readers will be able to identify with Billie in this latest story.  She is BORED.  She has played with her toys, done her puzzles, read her books, her best friend Jack (from the Hey, Jack! books) is not home, and her baby brother is too young to be of any use to her.

She decides that what she needs, is a pet.  Her choices are pony or puppy.  Her parents suggestions are frog or cockatoo.  When they go to the shops, and Billie finds herself in a pet shop, she finds the perfect pet...a guinea pig!  But when she goes back to get it, it's already been sold...the twist is...who bought the guinea pig?

The books are short (43 pages), the text is large but it has chapters, which make them the perfect 'grown-up' beginning novels.

Who will like this book: Girls age 6+
Read it if you like: Billie B Brown

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