Thursday 23 February 2012

54. Walker Stories: Losing Turtle by Adrienne Frater illustrated by Cat Chapman

Walker Stories: Losing Turtle by Adrienne Frater illustrated by Cat Chapman
Published February 2012 Walker Books

From the publisher:

Gran’s excited to knit Sam a jumper with a leatherback turtle on it – just like the one she saw on her holiday. But Sam already has many knitted jumpers from Gran and he doesn’t like them as much as he used to. Perhaps he can lose turtle so he doesn’t have to tell Gran his true feelings about her woolly presents? Sam always has the best of intentions, but some how his plans always seem to go wrong.

This is a new title in the wonderful Walker Stories series.  This is a great series of books, each one containing three very short stories, all written by different authors.  They are a great read for beginning readers, because they feel like a 'grown up' novel.

In this book, we have three stories about Sam.  In story one, Sam tries to find a way to 'lose' the most recent hand made jumper from his Gran.  He loves his Gran, and he likes leatherback turtles, but none of his other friends wear hand knitted jumpers to school, and it's embarrassing.  After many attempts to 'lose'the jumper, a four legged member of the family thinks it is perfect!

In the second story, Sam decides to make something for his Dad for his birthday.  His Dad loves to invent maybe Sam will invent something for his Dad.  It doesn't all go to plan, and while the invention might not hit the mark, Sam manages to give his Dad something very special.

In the final story, Sam's Gran has a go at you can imagine this doesn't go well.  With a sprained ankle Gran find herself unable to get around, and is unable to make their lunch.  That's OK.  Sam can cook...can't he?  Well he gives it a go...scrambled eggs, chilli, chocolate...yum?!

Who will like this book:  Boys and girls age 6+
Read it if you like: Billie B Brow or Hey, Jack!

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